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"Hermione has been brilliant. This is in large part to her own personal experiences with OCD coupled with her knowledge of therapy techniques. I am grateful for her understanding and perseverance." JM

"I've been in and out of counselling since I  was 8 years old, and I can confidently say my sessions with Marnie are the best I've ever had. I feel my outlook on my phobia and anxiety have improved significantly. This mode of REBT is what helped me most with my problem." LC 

"Hermione helped me to see the good in myself. She talked through strategies and enabled me to change my thinking about a problem into something very positive. She was friendly and I felt  comfortable talking to her. Very positive experience. I would recommend with no hesitation."   CMA       

 "I have learned so much from my sessions with Hermione and now feel like I can confidently manage my OCD. I felt comfortable talking to her about my problems and it was extremely helpful having a conversation with someone who has their own personal experiences with OCD. Hermione was able to understand how I work early on in the process and provided completely tailored sessions, information and guidance that really resonated with me. I found the worksheets and activities she provided extremely helpful and clear."  MD 

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